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This system is made of the measuring and control device AQUIS 500AS and the flow chamber TARAflow FLC-3 with flow rate controller (= inductive proximity switch), both fastened on a white plastic sheet (approx. 610 x 300 x 19 mm). To fix it the plastic sheet has in its corners 4 holes with a diameter of 8 mm.

This measuring board is especially suited for industrial applications and applications in drinking water, particularly hot water pipes. The flow chamber can work under pressures up to 80 mWC (8 bar) and temperatures up to 70 °C. A valve for sample taking at the flow chamber makes it possible to take samples without any difficulties. Using the inductive proximity switch the flow rate can be controlled. A float with a switch point at approx. 45 l/h is included as a standard. The controller is equipped with two changeover relays. So for instance one relay can be used to trigger an alarm and the other one to trigger a pump.

As an option, the measuring and control board can be supplied with another float that switches at approx. 15 l/h or without flow rate controller.

The sensor is not provided. It has to be ordered separately.

The controller will be set up before (if possible), the values set up will be recorded in a table so that the user can immediately see all the data. The mains cable, the flow rate controller (inductive proximity switch) and the measuring cable of 0.5 m are also delivered. The flow chamber has tube connections for a tube with an outside diameter of 8 mm and an inside diameter of 6 or 5 mm respectively.

The sensor has to be ordered separately:

Suitable for chlorine, chlorine dioxide, chlorite, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid, bromine and especially the sensors of the type AS.


Range of application
• Pressure max. 80 mWC (8 bar)
• Temperature max. 70 °C
• Valve for taking samples
• flow rate control (inductive proximity switch with switch point 45 l/h or optional 15 l/h)

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