Company Profile

Reiss GmbH specialises in the manufacture and sale of electro-chemical measuring devices for water disinfection. The Managing Directors of Reiss GmbH is Tanja Strasser.

The company’s origins date back to the year 1993. Dr Gerhard Reiß, the founder of the company, has been active in the electro-chemical industry since 1981, where he was first involved in basic research, and since 1985 he has been dealing with the research and development of electro-chemical sensors for water treatment. This was followed by specialisation in electro-chemical measuring systems for water disinfection.

In the year 2002, Tanja Strasser, the founder’s daughter, joins the company. She has a background in business administration. In the year 2008, Tanja Strasser becomes a member of the company’s management board.

In the year 2019, Dr Gerhard Reiß retires from active business. Thanks to his ensuing function as a consultant, his expertise and experience continue to be available to Reiss GmbH. Tanja Strasser has been fully responsible for the management of the company since 2021.

As the company keeps growing over the years, new premises are needed for its expansion. In 2007, the company moves into the new building at its current location. In 2012, the company purchases the adjacent plot which offers additional space for expansion.

With the new membrane-covered 2-electrode sensor of the TARAbase product series, a sensor is available which convinces by its easy handling and reliability. The TARAtec product line offers further membrane-covered systems with very robust mechanical and chemical properties and thus can be used in problematic water qualities. Membrane-covered potentiostatic 3-electrode sensors of the TARAline series are used for special measuring methods.

Our portfolio of sensors is completed by the sensors of the TARAsens product line. These are non-membrane covered sensors and they stand out due to their pressure and temperature resistance.

Thanks to this, a wide product range of various sensor types with a variety of electrical connectors is available to suit the most diverse applications.

The following disinfectants can be measured:

    • Free chlorine / free available chlorine / total chlorine
    • Chlorine dioxide / chlorite
    • Hydrogen peroxide
    • Peracetic acid
    • Ozone
    • Bromine

We are pleased to make our expertise and long years of experience available to our customers, especially in critical cases. Training courses can be held for interested customers.

The manufacture of our sensors is subject to stringent quality controls, which means that each single component is checked on an ongoing basis. The finished sensors undergo a final inspection during which they are operated in a test water circuit for several hours. The measuring data a recorded and logged. This is why we can grant a warranty of 24 months (does not cover wearing parts and consumables). The designation of the sensor type and its serial number allow its traceability at any time.
This is also documented by our ISO 9001 certification.

We usually deliver goods from our warehouse (sensors, accessories, spare parts) within one week upon receipt of order.

To enable us to offer complete measuring and control systems, we sell both flow chambers and measuring and control devices that operate and function just as reliably as

our measuring cells. It goes without saying that these devices are optimally adapted to our sensors.

Here you can download our latest flyer.


Corporate Philosophy – Values and Guidelines
Our company history is one of success, based on our fundamental values. These values are jointly lived and upheld by our staff and the management. In a rapidly shifting economic environment with many changes in the challenges we face, these values serve as sound, reliable standards and orientation points. Our aim is to root them deeper in the company and to develop them. We also wish to introduce the values we live to our business partners. This has prompted us to lay down this documentation in writing.

These values aim at describing the principles of action for all our current and future employees. They are to be incorporated in their daily work conduct. Our guidelines thus define the basis of our conduct towards employees and colleagues, customers and suppliers.

In order to meet the high standards we set ourselves, we review and communicate our corporate guidelines regularly, in order to ensure that they are appropriate, respected, understood and implemented.

The focus of our activities is on our customers. We undertake to look ahead and identify their needs and expectations, to understand them and to satisfy them. Our conduct is characterised by amenability, rapid responses and adherence to schedules and delivery deadlines.

We are a reliable, conscientious partner for our customers at all times – a partner able to respond to individual customer wishes flexibly and individually.

We pay great attention to ensuring that our products are of the highest quality. Each sensor is checked. This examination is documented, thus guaranteeing traceability throughout the entire process. We conduct interim examinations to regularly check and monitor our production processes. We also work permanently at improving all our processes and products.

As a family-owned business, we feel committed to the well-being and personal development of our employees. We reject discrimination and personal belittlement of any kind. For us, it goes without saying that our dealings with one another are conducted with understanding and respect.

Our guiding principle is a sound management as a personal role model, characterised by reliability and modesty, confidence in the staff, their skills and their commitment. We will only achieve success together, so promoting a team spirit is of great importance in our company.

We select our suppliers carefully. We are committed to our business location and our home country,
which is why a regional connection is important to us. Through communication without language barriers
and time differences as well as short delivery routes, we ensure the best possible safeguarding of
upstream supply chains and raw material availability. We expect quality and reliability from our suppliers.
It is important to us that our suppliers share our philosophy. We maintain long-standing and cooperative
business relationships with many suppliers.

Our actions all aim at continuity and sustainability. New business relations are established with the greatest of care. We consistently endeavour to deepen long-term, close, existing relationships with customers, suppliers and other business associates. This enables us to quickly identify needs and changes and to respond to them immediately, thus reinforcing our position on the global market and making a contribution to the success of our customers.

The protection of our environment and handling natural resources with care is naturally also a matter of importance to us. Our company building has been constructed according to the latest technical findings – in line with standards for low-energy buildings. We also produce our own electricity in an in-house photovoltaic plant in order to protect the environment. Any excess capacity that we produce is fed into the grid and made available to the general public.


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